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Virtual Shower Posted!

   Just a quick note, I have so much to say regarding MOMroe Life, so I’ll write more on those topics later. This blog post is to inform you that I posted the Virtual Shower.  Again, I appreciate everyone that was involved.  Sorry, about the lighting.  We ended up using an iPhone versus a video camera, due to the fact I was having contractions before, during, and after the taping.  I literally had to cut during the taping so many times because I was out of breath from the pains lol. We ran out the door and went straight to the hospital immediately after. However, the show must go on and that’s MOMroe Life for you.

PS. There’s a new section Tiger Rey.  Also, check out Maternity to see all maternity modeling. My next blog post will feature the journey of my breastfeeding experience as well as the top must-have products for babies.

Angel Monroe, Angel MOMroe