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June 2015 (29 weeks)

I’m so thrilled to finally share my pregnancy with all of you.  Due to the demands of my career, I have kept it a secret for a while.  I have gotten lucky with no morning sickness and I finally started to pop at 7 months.  I’m looking forward to taking more maternity pictures and sharing my journey into motherhood with you.   To feel my baby’s movement in my tummy is an amazing thing.  I’ve had some back pain and insomnia, but I’m filled with excitement and very nervous about my delivery.  I started at 118 pounds and now I have reached 126 and still growing rapidly as I’ve entered the third trimester.  My appetite is that of a tiger!  Thank you for all your support and love. I will enjoy updating this site for family, friends, and those who want to follow my journey.

Fourth of July (30 weeks)

Fourth of July Hello Third Trimester Finally showing at 7 months
Fourth of July
Hello Third Trimester!
Finally showing at 7 months
7 months

August 2015 (34 weeks)

Hi Everyone!

I just came from my doctor apt. And I’m growing even more rapidly now lol.

At my starting point I was 118 pounds size small/xtra small

32/34 bust width.

At 7 months doctor visit I weighed 126

last week doctor visit I weighed 132! At 7.5 months

Just today one week away from 8 months 34 weeks and after a weekend of picnics and BBQ feast I am now 136! My bra size doubled lol &36 inches. & I definitely noticed my belly pop more this week! When I do my next photo shoot I will be even bigger! Lol

According to this website of weight gain calculator  quiz using your starting weight and weeks a long

I should be 137-155


So somehow although eating a Lot and I’m still pretty small 🙂 doctor told me today I don’t look 34 weeks lol but after that picnic this past week I definitely noticed my belly grew more and increase in size a lot compared to last week! I loved the cake cookies and steak and pasta. A little too full, but it was all in good fun!

I’m gonna attach some photos for you! They had face painting at the picinic and of course I got a painted tiger face! Lol.

Also thank you for all the support from my family on my registry! Baby Tiger has gotten some cool stuff that I can’t wait to share with you!





August 2015 (35 Weeks)

5 more weeks to go!!! OMG!!

It’s going soo fast! I wanted to wait to announce it on my family Facebook page until I started maternity modeling Thrid trimester.  But I may not have those photos till after the baby comes because of turn around time! So I may announce it this week on there! I’ll keep you posted! Thanks again for all the support and every one who sent a gift for the baby! I love my family and friends! Xo imageimage

August 2015 (36 Weeks)

OFFICIALLY 8 Months and feeling great.


I’m so excited to announce I’m officially 8 months. image

Things are getting so hectic now! I will have more updates on this site next week! I Did some maternity modeling and I can’t wait to share the images with you.  Here’s my 8 months pic! I got lucky somehow being so tiny through this pregnancy 🙂 but I have quite the sweet tooth lol. I’m really happy for all the people involved and helping make this a special time. I can’t wait to share all baby Tiger’s gifts and gift givers with you for his virtual shower experience.

Check back soon for more updates!


(37 WEEKS)

I announced my Pregnancy via Social Media today to Friends only! Feels great to have finally announced it!! I will return to modeling/acting/music once the baby is here and I have had time to adjust and recover. For now I have been involved in Maternity Modeling during my pregnancy and I will be constantly updating this site with new images!! So check back! My Virtual Shower will be Sept 10th and I will open gifts on video & shout out all those involved featuring your gift! Videos to be posted here on the site.

I’m having an official baby shower, aside from my virtual shower, with my Cali family Sept 6th.  I have been busy putting together the Safari theme and all the gift and candy bags for the event! Last Night I did a tour at the hospital I will be delivering!! I am getting nervous!!! OH MY! Let me tell you I have two major fears in life and child birth definitely is my biggest one!!!!! HELPPPP lol

My ribs are hurting more and more each day as I stopped working out to try to keep the baby in there and not induce early labor, so he makes it to his baby shower (ten days before his due date) in his pregnant mama’s belly. LOL. I also started eating more cake, cookies, candy and chips lately.  So bad but my cravings are out of control, no stretch marks yet. I will have a special blog dedicated to my diet and exercise regimen to follow.

I see the doctor tomorrow and I have my Birth Plan Printed and ready to go!!!

That is my update for now!!

(38 Weeks)

Just got my nails done Tiger theme for Baby Tiger’s Official baby shower.  I am so ready to POP!  Check out the videos of the official baby shower and the online shower they will be posted in the Virtual Shower section.

Angel Monroe, Angel Momroe

This week I’m putting the finishing touches on his nursery.  I hung up some of the Maternity portraits as well as the Exotic Animal Shoot featuring lions and tigers and bears to go with his exotic animal theme nursery / jungle.  Not much time left now…Tiger Rey



(39 Weeks) Baby Shower

Angel MOMroe, Tiger Rey Virtual Shower


So naturally you would think having a baby shower just before delivery isn’t common, but the host of my baby shower decided toNina's Blanket Angel MOMroe's Baby Shower, have it this week due her schedule, so we were praying that I didn’t go into labor.  It worked out perfectly, since I remained so small I was finally showing in my clothes during the last few weeks.  The cake was delicious and Tiger got some really great stuff.  I can’t wait to go home, rearrange, and put together and fill all of his new drawers.  Thank you for all the gifts everybody!Baby Shower Cake

Here are the photos from my shower.  It was amazing, an animal jungle theme shower.

No contractions…….. yet…….

[tribulant_slideshow gallery_id="1"]


(39.5 Weeks) Dinner Shower

Angel MOMroe,

My baby shower was held on Labor Day Weekend, so a few of my girlfriends couldn’t make it.  They decided to throw me a dinner shower.  Thank you for the gifts and dinner.  Shout out to Eliza, Monique, and also Anca (who rubbed my baby bump for good luck and dreamed for a baby boy.  Her wish came true. Go Anca!

(40 Weeks) Virtual Baby Shower

Angel MOMroe, AngelMOMroe,   Little did I know, it was the day just before delivery.  Honestly, I assumed that He would be late.  My mom was late, my Grandma was late, and I’m FASHIONABLY late.  However, the contractions started during the taping.  I didn’t think I was going to make it through the Virtual Shower, but I did. Angel MOMroe, AngelMOMroe, After that it was straight to the hospital.  I even posted a video of tiger moving in my belly.  His last hours in the womb.  See the Virtual Shower page for the photos and the taping.

(40 Weeks) Delivery

Angel MOMroe
Arrived at Hospital

I was really scared and I didn’t think that I could go through with it.  I was having contractions during the virtual shower.  My perfect birth plan took a detour, so the baby came a few days earlier.  On 9/11/15 at 1:11 pm, Tiger Rey was born 6 lbs. 1 ounce – a healthy baby boy.  I decided to exclusively breastfeed, which had its challenges.  3 days later I got to take baby Tiger home, snuggle, and prepare for the challenges of breastfeeding.  Stay tuned to the MOMroe Life Blog.  Tiger had a lot of guests and visitors to come see him at the hospital when he was born, unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of everyone on my phone.  However, I did get a few good ones.  Without further adieu, here’s my photos and videos of my delivery journey: